Motivational Speakers

KONACan is a group of highly motivating and inspiring Speakers and Presenters who donate their Conference Speaking profits to Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer patients.

Glenn Dobson

Founder of KONA Against Cancer, 52-year old Glenn Dobson has been pushing himself through some of the most gruelling physical challenges possible to raise much needed funds and support for cancer sufferers. Cancer has played a very personal role in Glenn’s life.

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Jaynie Crayton

As a cancer survivor , not only did I learn to live with the pain, but I learnt to love the pain. I learnt to separate my mind from my body. I knew I was strong but didn’t realise how strong, until I recognised the human spirit cannot be stopped or broken, unless it wants to be.

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Grahame Murphy

Grahame Murphy, 57- years old, is no stranger to extreme sports including rock climbing, abseiling, triathlons, downhill and slalom skiing. You could say he keeps fairly fit, having run approximately 150,000 kms since the day he stopped smoking 32 years ago.

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Mark Simon

Mark Simon (aka Camel) is one of those bloke who makes most men ill. A body like a chiseled Greek God, and an amazing athlete as well having also crossed the Australian and Sahara Deserts as well as running with a 6’5 Massai warrior through Kenya past herds of wildlife.

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Justin Gallagher

As a father of 4 beautiful girls under the age of 10, and Managing Director at RBS – Royal Bank of Scotland, Justin’s wife thinks he has become an extreme athlete to get away from the noise! He says it is to raise funds for Children With Autism Charity – Giant Steps. Maybe they are both right?

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