Think Like a Winner

Winning does not simply meant that you should be the only one on top and you look down on those who have not made it. Winning is relative. If you ask different people, they will give you their own definition of that word. You will realize that each and every one of us has a different view of the world and of life itself.

As children, we were taught how to be competitive. Our parents and teachers encourage us to be the top student in class. When we go home from school with our report card, our parents take a look at it and ask how the other students did. If someone did better, parents do not just congratulate their kids for a job well done. Instead, they tell their kids to do better next time because someone else got higher grades. So, as children, it is embedded in us to always be competitive and not let the other person be better.

One thing that makes people bitter and unhappy is because they always compare themselves to others. Even if one has achieved so much, still, it is not good enough because someone else has more. Their cousins, their siblings, their neighbors, etc, have better cars, a bigger house, and more gadgets and so on. If this is the kind of mindset that we have, will we ever be truly happy? I would think not. Is it truly human nature to be pleased because of someone else’s downfall? Apparently that is what’s been happening to us. We rejoice when our competitor takes a stumble and falls flat on his face. We take pleasure in it because we see opportunity to be ahead of someone else.

This way of thinking is not how winners think. Winners would also lift others up so that they can be equals. Why can’t many people be on top? Why does it need to be just one person? Keep in mind that the race you are running may not even be the same one your neighbor is running. Both of you could be headed on different directions, yet you compete with him. To what purpose? So you could have a better car and a bigger house? Is true happiness really achieved in having the most expensive things money can buy?

If you are the kind of person who envies what your neighbor has all the time, then you will just have to accept the fact that you will leave this world truly miserable. Why? Because someone is always better and someone will always have more. However, if you only do your best and achieve goals that you have set for yourself and not the goals people expect you to achieve, winning is most assuredly possible. If winning means that you have to share it with another, so be it. Remember that the number one (1) is the loneliest number and to be alone at the top is definitely lonely.

Think like a winner and you most certainly will become one.

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