Find Power in Your Passion

Nothing can give us more motivation or can give us more drive than when we are passionate about something or someone. Perhaps because of the need to have food on the table, many of us tend to stay in jobs that will pay the bills but at some time we lose our passion for. Alternatively, there are those who actually have the best jobs in the world but they have forgotten how to enjoy doing their job. They were lucky enough to have a job that they actually love, yet they find themselves unmotivated to work at times.

Life is not just about finding the means to put food on the table or pay the bills. We only go through life once and know that we should make the most of it. Often the most successful people are the ones that realize earning money could be achieved in whatever you do as long as you do it with all the passion that you have. All of us are good at at least one thing and if that one thing is the thing you love doing the most you will always make a living, ‘doing what we are best at, rather than just doing our best’.

Just take a look at people who are so in love with each other. They love with a passion so great that they do everything in their power to make their relationship work. Nothing can stand in their way and if something does, you can be sure that they are going to find a way around it or through it. This is passion. All of us are capable of loving, and working, with this much intensity, however while many are ready to do so willingly, some are scared of getting hurt or getting emotionally or financially burned (again).

Most successful people are ready to embrace new challenges. Others are just plain scared of going out of their comfort zones; scared of trying and more scared of failing than succeeding. However, these things should not hinder us from trying to reach our full potential. Every time we do something, if we do it with the passion that we are capable of giving, nothing is impossible. When our strength and resolve have weakened, and we think that there is nothing left for us to do, look within yourself at your strengths, what you are passionate about, and what you are good at. You will see that you can still draw strength from within and fight the fight.

We should not forget that in all things that we do, we should do it with passion. Outcomes are much better, results are higher, and satisfaction much better. Fall asleep at night knowing that you have done your best. Wake up each morning with the thought that you will make a difference and how you want people to remember you.

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